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His Tears

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Lynn Yoder

Lynn Yoder Portrait

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Lynn Yoder Gallery

406 Upper Springs Road
Salisbury, PA 15558
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Lynn Yoder Biography

Lynn Yoder is an oil painter who loves to paint the human figure in surroundings which tell what the subject is thinking or feeling. Musicians and children provide much of his figurative subject matter. Foremost, Lynn's passion is painting spiritual themes that may open people's eyes to the reality of God and the spirit world. In addition, Lynn paints peaceful landscapes, wildlife, and still life images. Overall, Lynn is on a quest to visually capture the energy of light and color found in the various subject matter that he paints.

Currently, Lynn's best-selling art print is
His Tears.

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Lynn Yoder

Lynn Yoder art, prints, canvases, and artwork painted by artist Lynn Yoder can be found in our Christian artist subcategory while shopping at Christ-Centered Stores.