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Thomas Kinkade Spotlight

Beyond Spring Gate

A Peaceful Retreat

Living Waters: Golfer's Paradise, Hole in One


St. Nicholas Circle

Blessings of Autumn

San Francisco, Lombard Street

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Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade Portrait
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Thomas Kinkade Gallery

9650 Strickland Road
Suite #103-123
Raleigh, NC 27615
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Shop discount Thomas Kinkade merchandise such as framed inspirational art, flags, figurines, music boxes, totes, plates, tapestries, and lighthouse gifts.

Thomas Kinkade Biography

Thomas Kinkade is considered by many to be the most popular living artist in North America today. Thomas Kinkade is an artist who is best known for painting luminous inspirational art scenes of bridges, gardens, gates, gazebos, estates, the great outdoors, hearth and home, cottages, lighthouses, cityscapes, and seascapes.

Every romantic painting Thomas Kinkade creates, whether a cottage or countryside, small town America or bustling international city, seems infused with a radiant quality unique to Thomas Kinkade art prints and Thomas Kinkade canvases.

Thomas Kinkade has won dozens of awards and recognitions for his inspirational, luminous artwork. Through his paintings, Thomas Kinkade expresses a love of life, family, faith in God, and the beauty of nature. In fact, Kinkade calls his paintings "silent messengers in the home relaying messages of peace, hope, and joy."

You can view an updated and extremely detailed Thomas Kinkade biography on his unofficial art gallery website.

Currently, Thom's best-selling art print and canvas is Mountain Retreat.

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Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade art, prints, canvases, and artwork painted by the Painter of Light, artist Thomas Kinkade, can be found in our Christian artist subcategory while shopping at Christ-Centered Stores.