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Scripture Reference

The Holy Bible "So the merchants and sellers of
 all kind of ware lodged without
 Jerusalem once or twice."

................................-- Nehemiah 13:20

Christian Stores

 Christ-Centered Art Featured Listing
 A Christian art store featuring art prints
 and canvases by popular Christian artists
 like Thomas Kinkade, Sandra Kuck,
 James Coleman, Danny Hahlbohm, Ron
 DiCianni, Tom DuBois, and more!

 Christian Book Distributors Featured Listing
 For more than 25 years, Christian Book
 Distributors (CBD) has been the world's
 largest distributor of Christian resources.
 They offer Christian Books, Music, Bibles,
 videos, software, gifts, and more at the
 lowest prices and provide unbeatable

 Lights in Darkness Featured Listing
 Choose from 10 different neon
 nightlights that encourage, inspire, and
 remind people of the Scriptures.

 Integrity Music Featured Listing
 A Christian music store where you can
 find CDs, videos, songbooks, worship
 resources, worship software, trax, and
 much more. Shop their online store and
 get discounted prices and free shipping
 from the world's leader in gospel music
 and praise and worship music.

 Bible Verse Babies
 A Christian store featuring the Bible
 Verse Baby, a plush toy and beanie
 babies collectible for kids that includes a  Bible Scripture tag.

 Christ-Centered Mall
 A Christian Bible teaching ministry whose
 goal is to encourage, stimulate, and
 facilitate serious study of the Holy Bible.

 David's Web Creations
 A Christian Internet company specializing
 in high-quality web page design, flawless
 website programming, highly-effective
 Internet marketing, search engine
 submission, and quality web hosting for
 companies interested in marketing their
 Christian stores online.

 Designer Ornaments
 A designer Christmas tree ornament
 store featuring handmade holiday
 ornaments with Christian and Messianic.
 themes. Personalization is available upon  request.

 Jacksonville Theological Seminary &
 Revelation Message Bible College
 An accredited distance-learning seminary
 and Bible college committed to sound
 biblical training for their students.

 Thomas Kinkade Gallery
 An art store featuring authentic
 luminous prints and canvases at discount
 prices by renowned "Painter of Light"
 artist Thomas Kinkade
 Lena Liu Gallery
 A source for romantic artwork featuring
 beautiful birds, tranquil landscapes, and
 breathtaking floral and musical still lifes.

 Nest Family
 A Christian store which features award-
 winning animated videos & DVDs and
 educational tools.

 Praise Him! Tabrets
 A Christian store selling hand-crafted
 tabrets, timbrels, and tambourines.

 ReJOYce Banners
 A Christian store offering custom-
 designed Messianic banners to display
 in places of worship.

 Living Gallery
 A resource site for Christian artists which
 also offers inspirational art, sculptures,
 ceramics, jewelry, and other items.

 Nature's Sunshine
 A source for the highest quality herbal
 supplements in the world for improving
 your quality of life.

 Ferris Angels
 A Christian store featuring hand-painted
 porcelain angelic figurines crafted in the
 Florence tradition.

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