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The Holy Bible "But the wise answered, saying, 'Not
 so; lest there be not enough for us
 and you: but go ye rather to them
 that sell, and buy for yourselves'."

....................................-- Matthew 25:9

Christian Shopping Categories

 Christian Art Galleries, Christian Artists,
 Christian Clipart, Christian Posters,
 Christian Sculpture

 Accessories, Cars, Clubs, Insurance,

 Bibles, Christian Books

 Church Supplies
 Anointing Oil, Messianic Banners,
 Prayer Shawls, Shofars, Tabrets

 Christian Churches, Messianic Synagogues

 Clothing & Apparel
 Christian Apparel, Robes & Gowns

 Christian Education, Home Schooling

 Food & Drink
 Candies, Chocolates, Cookies, Gourmet,
 Herbal Tea

 Biblical Coins, Christian Gifts, Figurines,
 Flowers, Gift Baskets, Greeting Cards,

 Health & Nutrition

 Home & Garden
 Garden Supplies, Home Décor

 Auto Insurance, Health Insurance

 Internet & Online
 Christian Web Design, Internet Advertising,
 Internet Marketing, Web Hosting
 Website Optimization, Website Promotion

 Christian Jewelry

 Auto Loans, Construction Loans,
 Debt Consolidation Loans, FHA Loans,
 Home Equity Loans, Mortgage Loans,
 Payday Loans, Stock Hedge Loans,
 Student Loans, VA Loans

 Benevolence, Biblical Teaching,
 Child & Family, Counseling, Discipleship,

 Christian Music, Gospel Music,
 Messianic Music, Praise & Worship Music

 Software & Computers
 Christian Software, Computers

 Sports & Fitness
 Sporting Goods

 Toys & Games
 Action Figures, Christian Games,
 Plush Toys, Puzzles

 Travel & Tours
 Christian Tours, Holy Land Travel

 Videos & DVDs
 Christian Videos & DVDs
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