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Lena Liu

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Lena Liu

  Lena Liu
Artist Lena Liu Keywords

Artist Lena Liu

Lena Liu Gallery

9650 Strickland Road
Suite #103-123
Raleigh, NC 27615
Lena Liu Art
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 Artist Biography

 Lena Liu is a painter of unparalleled
 popularity in today's collectibles market —
 art lovers the world over enjoy the
 universal yet personal character of her
 paintings. Beautiful birds, tranquil
 landscapes, and breathtaking floral and
 musical still lifes are among her collectors'

 Lena had her first painting lessons as a
 child in Taiwan under the guidance of
 renowned painters: Professors Sun Chia-
 Chin and Huang Chun-Pi. She came to the
 United States in 1972 to study architecture
 at the State University of Buffalo and
 later did graduate work at the School of
 Architecture at U.C.L.A. However, her true
 passion never left her, and in 1977, she
 began to paint full-time.

 Today, avid collectors enjoy her artwork
 across various media, including limited-
 edition prints, porcelain collector's plates,
 ornaments, figurines, music boxes, cards,
 sculptures, tapestries, bookmarks, and
 calendars. Lena has achieved recognition
 at national shows and exhibits. She was
 honored by the Collector's Information
 Bureau (CIB) as Best Plate Artist of the
 Year and as Collector's Choice Artist of the
 Year. She was named the Canadian Artist
 of the Year at the Canadian Collectible of
 the Year Awards. Lena was also an
 inaugural inductee into the prestigious
 Bradford Exchange Plate Artist Hall of

 Lena Liu and her husband Bill live in
 Maryland, in the home she designed to
 accomodate their joint loves of art, music,
 and nature. As often as she is able, Lena
 spends time in her garden where she
 attains inspiration for many of her
 paintings. She also loves to watch the birds
 that live around her home and studio.
 Although Lena appreciates the loveliness of
 all birds, she admits to liking chickadees the
 most, "maybe because they remind me of
 small children, with their round little
 bodies and cute expressions."

 "I strive to create a sense of romance,
 poetry, and music in my painting. Emotion,
 love, and nature will never change, and I
 try to capture that in my art. I let what
 touches my heart pass through my fingers.
 I hope you and I can keep sharing this love
 of nature's beauty, and continue to delight
 in the splendor of the world that surrounds

-- Lena Liu

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