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Store Overview

Christian Shopping Mall Introduction


 Welcome to Christ-Centered Stores!
 Our primary goal is to provide access to the
 finest family-friendly Christian stores and
 services on the Internet. Our secondary
 goal is to help small Christian businesses
 expand their marketing reach online by
 using tools such web site optimization
 and internet promotion.

 Shopping Our Christian Stores

 Christ-Centered Stores is a cutting-edge
 Christian shopping mall made up of only
 family-friendly Christian stores and
 services. Internet shoppers can rest easy
 knowing that our Christian merchants are
 carefully selected and meet only the highest
 standards of excellence. To further put web
 shoppers at ease, our shopping site displays
 rather valuable store feedback posted by
 previous online shoppers!

 Popular items regularly sold in our Christian
 shopping mall include Bibles, chocolates,
 Christian art, Christian books, flowers,
 gift baskets, praise and worship music,
 and toys & games.

 Christian churches, Holy Land travel,
 home schooling, web site promotion,
 and Christian education currently top
 our list of Christian services.

 Marketing Your Products and Services

 The Christ-Centered Store has taken all
 the frustration and complication out of
 internet marketing by providing Christian
 businesses with an efficient advertising
 model that not only saves business owners
 valuable time but significant amounts of
 money as well.

 It has been reported that 75% of internet
 businesses fail within their 1st year and
 50% of those remaining businesses never
 make it past their 2nd year. These rather
 disturbing numbers can primarily be
 attributed to lack of business knowledge
 and poor marketing guidance.

Ship  Fortunately, our friendly and
 knowledgeable marketing
 staff has already sailed
 the treacherous waters of
 internet marketing and
 web site promotion so you
 no longer have to fear failure.

 Just follow our lead, and we'll take your
 Christian business into uncharted territory.
 Be patient, and you'll experience success
 in only a few months instead of having to
 wait several years.

 Our company can take you to this exciting
 new world of high website visibility
 because we have pioneered the following:
  1. Strategic yet highly cost-efficient
    search engine marketing solutions
    to help drive targeted traffic to your
    company's introduction page.

  2. Effective website promotion via Christ-Centered Store's impressive internal network of affiliate links, shopping categories, and stores — all of which possess top ten rankings for numerous keyword searches.

 Counting the Costs

 In order to promote your website, our
 company uses high-quality web marketing
 methods (mentioned above) that keep your
 expenses low while boosting your ROI.

 Contrary to popular consumer belief, high
 prices don't necessarily correlate to the
 best quality products. We believe that our
 work is of the highest quality and deserves
 a high market value price, but we also
 believe that excellent service can be
 offered to our Christian clients at an
 affordable cost.

 Website promotion companies offering
 search engine optimization and
 search engine placement usually charge
 thousands of dollars for their services.
 Yes, search engine positioning and
 search engine promotion are very big
 business these days. After all, if potential
 customers can't find your website, you
 don't make the sales; but that's where we
 come in!

 The Christ-Centered Store offers innovative
 web site marketing tactics and creative
 web promotion strategies equivalent to
 those of leading web companies at only a
 fraction of the cost. In fact, our most  popular advertising package tops out at
 only $600.00 annually as compared to a
 whopping $3,000.00 which many companies
 routinely charge for their web services.
 Christian business entrepreneurs now have
 the opportunity to affordably advertise
 their innovative products with superior
 marketing strategies and receive the best
 possible return for their advertising dollar.

 Closing Statement

 We sincerely thank you for visiting us and
 taking the time to read what our company
 has to offer. If you wish to advertise your
 store, please read on. Otherwise, please
 proceed with some internet shopping.

 For more information on advertising with
 the Christ-Centered Store, please view
 our Statement of Faith.

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