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Christ-Centered Art

9650 Strickland Road
Suite #103-123
Raleigh, NC 27615
Christ-Centered Art
E-mail Address: Click here 
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 Detailed Description

 Christ-Centered Art is a privately-owned
 Christian art company dealing only in the
 finest inspirational art prints painted by
 the world's most talented artists such as
 Harry Anderson, Jesse Barnes, Thomas
 Blackshear, James C. Christensen,
 James Coleman, Jim Daly, Simon Dewey,
 Ron DiCianni, Tom Dubois, Arnold Friberg,
 Nathan Greene, Danny Hahlbohm, William
 Hallmark, G. Harvey, Thomas Kinkade,
 Sandra Kuck, Roger Loveless, Greg Olsen,
 Del Parson, William Phillips, Warner,
 Sallman, Liz Lemon Swindle, Morgan,
 Weistling, and Charles Wysocki plus many
 other artists.

 The inspirational Christian art work on
 their art site portrays strong traditional
 family values, biblical themes, as well as
 God's wonderful creations.

 Christ-Centered Art offers discount prices
 on a vast selection of inspirational Christian
 artprints, a free art print locator service,
 prompt shipping, and secure online

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