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Christian Night Lights

Lights in Darkness

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Lights in Darkness Showcase
  • Love - White Neon Nightlight
  • Joy - Yellow Neon Nightlight
  • Peace - Blue Neon Nightlight
  • Faith - Yellow Neon Nightlight
  • Grace - Blue Neon Nightlight
  • Amen - Green Neon Nightlight
  • Favor - Blue Neon Nightlight
  • Pray - White Neon Nightlight
  • Hope - Blue Neon Nightlight
  • Elyon - Blue Neon Nightlight


Christian Nightlight Store
Lights in Darkness celebrates God's Word by encouraging, inspiring, and reminding people of the Scriptures.

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." -- Psalm 119:105

Their neon lamps are a beacon of light in the darkness and include words such as joy, hope, pray, peace, favor, grace, faith, love, amen, and Elyon ("Most High God") that are designed to brighten any room with the soft colors of blue, yellow, green, and white.

Each night lamp with base stands 6" tall, and the lifespan of each night light is equal to 8,000 hours. Nightlights can be operated by a DC adapter which is included or can be used with 4 AAA batteries which makes them versatile for travel.

Please note: Lamps only come in the colors that are shown. The words cannot be substituted with a different neon color, and neither can the colored bases. Their assortment of neon night lights will make great gift ideas for special occasions or for displaying in churches. So turn on the lights and then share this gift with someone else.

Stop by their website today to view their neon nightlights.

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Christian Nightlights