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 David's Web 

 Rises above "faddish"
 search engine placement
 schemes and trends by
 using an ethical, yet
 powerful, search engine
 marketing strategy.

 Offers full-service search
 engine marketing and
 search engine placement
 services for companies
 that depend on their
 web site for marketing,  sales, exposure, and

 Uses elite, cutting-edge
 search engine placement
 techniques to bring most
 astonishing top ten
 search engine placement
 results in a relatively
 short amount of time.

 Gives your company the
 the edge over the
 competition by using
 the latest in search
 engine optimization

 Saves clients' money by
 drastically reducing
 traditional media
 advertising costs and
 increasing brand
 promotion as well as
 website visibility.

Search Engine Marketing

Spark Plug

 Search Engine Marketing

 Search engine marketing is the act of
 promoting a web site through search
 engines by improving rank in organic
 listings, purchasing paid listings, or a
 combination of these and other search
 engine-related activities.

 Search Engine Marketing Benefits

 Search engine marketing benefits
 companies the following ways:
  1. Increases website traffic
  2. Improves awareness of your website
  3. Sustains and builds customer loyalty
  4. Increases uptake
  5. Gains you a competive advantage
  6. Adds user value
 What We Do

 The Christ-Centered Store is experienced
 in the field of Internet marketing. We
 specialize in customizing our services to
 the specific needs of each advertiser.

 We find out your primary goal, your target
 audience, and the unique benefits of your
 product or service. Then, we not only offer
 professional advice, but also an optimized
 page which links to your site. This page is
 located on our server and is designed for
 fast indexing and high keyword ranking.

 Closing Statement

 Although search engines are a primary
 way people look for web sites, they are not
 the only way. People can also find sites by
 word-of-mouth, traditional advertising,
 newsgroup postings, web directories, the
 traditional media, and links from other
 sites. Small business owners should
 experiment to see which forms of
 advertising are most successful and cost-
 effective for their particular market.

 To view the next keyword directly related
 to website visibility, please proceed to
 Search Engine Promotion.

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