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 A list of keywords most
 related to the top ten
 best search engines is
 listed below:

Best Search Engines

Top 10 Search Engines

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Best Search Engines

Search Engine 
Best Search Engines Description

 Search Engine Overview

 A search engine is a service generally
 designed to allow users to search the Web
 or a specialized database of information.

 Currently, there are two types of search
 engine listings: organic and paid.

 Search engines get organic (editorial)
 listings through crawlers (crawler-based
 results) and directories (human-powered
 results). These listings are referred to as
 organic because search engines do not sell
 these listings. These sites appear solely
 because a search engine has deemed their
 inclusion editorially important, regardless
 of payment. Paid listings, on the other
 hand, are listings that search engines sell
 to advertisers through paid placement
 programs like Overture or paid inclusion
 programs like Looksmart.

 Major Search Engines

 Although there are a large number of
 search engines on the World Wide Web,
 fewer than fifty are considered to be
 "major", and only fifteen of them are
 considered to be the best search engines.

 Certain search engines are classified as
 being "major" search engines because they
 are either well-known or well-used.

 For surfers, well-known, commercially-
 backed search engines usually mean more
 dependable results. These search engines
 are more likely to be well-maintained,
 upgraded when necessary, and incorporate
 the latest technology to keep pace with
 the growing Web. For webmasters, the
 major search engines are the most
 important places to be listed because they
 have the potential to generate tremendous
 amounts of traffic resulting in more sales.

 The Best Search Engines

 Below is a list of the 33 best search engines
 which provide both organic and paid listings
 on the World Wide Web. The top 10 major
 search engines are listed first followed by
 other elite organic and PPC search engines.

 Google (1)

 Google has a well-deserved reputation as
 the elite choice for those surfing the Web.
 Currently, Google is the world's largest
 search engine reportedly delivering more
 than 200 million searches per day by over
 73.5 million users per month resulting in
 a 32% overall search engine market share.
 This crawler-based service (which feeds
 search results to Yahoo and AOL) provides
 both comprehensive coverage of the Web
 along with great relevancy. For these
 reasons, Google should be your #1 stop
 in your hunt for information.

 In addition to the unpaid organic listings
 (mentioned above), Google also operates
 its own paid AdWords program which
 boasts an auction model similar to
 Overture. Google AdWords are found on the
 right hand column and are distributed to
 partners such as AOL, Ask Jeeves, Teoma,
 and Netscape. Google is currently the 2nd
 largest PPC engine, recently purchasing
 the 5th largest engine known as Sprinks.

 Yahoo (2)

 Launched in 1994, Yahoo is the Web's
 oldest directory. From its inception, human
 editors organized web sites into categories.
 However, in October 2002, Yahoo made a
 paradigm shift by adding Google's crawler-
 based listings for its main results. Then, in
 March 2003, Yahoo purchased Inktomi (a
 crawler-based rival to Google) to even
 further broaden its search results. Today,
 Yahoo no longer uses Google’s search
 technology, replacing it with its own tools,
 web spiders, and technology in an effort to
 become the world’s top search engine again.

 In order for a commercial site to be listed
 in the Yahoo Directory, site owners are
 required to pay an annual fee and meet
 editorial approval before being accepted;
 non-commercial content is accepted for
 free. Editors (not the advertisers) decide
 where site listings fit best in order to
 ensure that the directory remains fair,
 intuitive, helpful, and simple to use.

 MSN Search (3)

 MSN Search is currently the 3rd largest
 search engine in the U.S. MSN, which
 currently uses Inktomi as its primary
 database after dropping Looksmart in
 January 2004, is currently developing a
 brand new search engine which is already
 crawling and indexing the web under the
 name MSNBot.

 MSN has its own team of editors that
 monitors the most popular searches and
 then hand-picks sites that are believed to
 be the most relevant. MSN also relies on
 search providers such as Looksmart for help
 with answers to many of its queries.
 Finally, for more obscure searches, MSN
 uses crawler-based results provided from
 Inktomi. MSN Search is unique since it
 provides a high quality blend of human-
 powered directory information and crawler

 AOL Search (4)

 AOL (America Online) is currently the
 world's 4th largest search engine; it utilizes
 Google's database and algorithm to display
 its results. Although an external search
 on AOL and Google will come up with very
 similar results, the "internal" version of AOL
 Search provides links to content which is
 only available within the AOL online service.
 This enables the user to search AOL and
 the entire Web at the same time.

 Ask Jeeves (5)

 Ask Jeeves, which initially gained fame in
 1998 as being the "natural language"
 search engine, is currently the Web's 5th
 largest search engine and makes up an
 estimated 4-5% of user searches.

 In the early days of Ask Jeeves, editors
 would monitor search logs to find the best
 web site matches for the most popular
 queries. This personal interaction made the
 cartoon butler (named "Jeeves") seem real
 by providing the correct answer every time.
 Today, Ask Jeeves utilizes crawler-based
 technology from Teoma and sponsored
 listings from Google to provide search
 results to its users. Jeeves also sells its
 top listings to other search engines. The
 combination of a good algorithm and a
 steady but cautious approach to the
 search engine industry should ensure
 longevity and increasing popularity for
 Ask Jeeves.

 Overture (6)

 Overture (formerly until late
 2001) was formed in 1997 by IdeaLab.
 The brilliant Overture auction-based model
 of supply and demand forces advertisers to
 pay a premium to promote their websites.
 Overture continues to be the #1 PPC site
 on the Web, building their model by
 partnering with leading search engine
 partners such as Yahoo, AltaVista, Excite,
 MSN, and Infospace and by syndicating
 advertiser links into search results which
 are typically labeled "sponsored sites" or
 "featured sites."

 AltaVista (7)

 AltaVista is the oldest crawler-based search
 engine on the Web. It opened in December
 1995 and for several years was the leader
 of its day in terms of providing relevant
 results and having a loyal group of users.
 It ranks as the 6th largest search engine.

 In 1998, a botched attempt to turn itself
 into a portal site caused search relevancy,
 freshness of listings, and web coverage to
 drop. Today, AltaVista once again focuses
 on search, making numerous improvements
 to help regain its old splendor. Altavista
 uses its own proprietary database and
 algorithm, and like Ask Jeeves and Inktomi,
 utilizes its natural results, some of which
 are spidered freely, and some of which are
 paid for.

 Paid inclusion is the best way to guarantee
 a listing in Altavista, and optimization and
 link popularity is the best way to attain
 rankings. However, crawlers such as Google
 and AllTheWeb provide even more
 comprehensive results making AltaVista a
 third-choice search engine crawler at best.

 Lycos (8)

 Lycos, launched in 1994, is one of the
 oldest search engines on the Web. It
 ceased crawling the Web for its own listings
 in April 1999 and began using crawler-
 based results provided by AllTheWeb.

 Lycos offers several interesting features
 for its users. These include a display of
 relevant categories on the search results
 page, suggestions of related topics to any
 given search, and a "Fast Forward" option
 which shows search results on one side of
 the screen and the actual pages listed on

 Lycos is owned by Terra Lycos, a company
 formed in October 2000 when Lycos and
 Terra Networks merged. Terra Lycos also
 owns the HotBot search engine.

 AllTheWeb (9)

 AllTheWeb is an excellent crawler-based
 search engine which provides not only
 comprehensive coverage of the Web but
 also outstanding relevancy. If you are not
 able to find the information that you are
 searching for on Google, then AllTheWeb
 should probably be your #2 stop.

 HotBot (10)

 HotBot entered the search engine scene in
 May 1996, attracting serious searchers
 with the quality and comprehensiveness of
 its Inktomi crawler-based results as well as
 its colorful interface.

 In 1999, HotBot began using search results
 from Direct Hit, one of the new search
 engines at the time. Unfortunately, the
 quality of Direct Hit's results couldn't equal
 those of another search engine known as
 Google. HotBot's popularity began to wane
 as a result of Lycos ownership which did
 not focus on improving its search feature
 until 2001. In December 2002, HotBot
 regained popularity by providing access to
 the Web's four major crawler-based search
 engines: AllTheWeb, Google, Inktomi, and
 Teoma. Unlike a meta search engine,
 HotBot cannot blend crawler results
 together. Nevertheless, HotBot is a quick
 and easy way to get a compilation of Web
 search "opinions" in one location.

 For more information on advertising with
 the Christ-Centered Store and getting
 your company listed in these search
 engines, please view our company's
 Advertising Packages.

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