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 powerful, search engine
 marketing strategy.

 Offers full-service search
 engine optimization and
 search engine placement
 services for companies
 that depend on their
 web site for marketing,  sales, exposure, and

 Uses elite, cutting-edge
 search engine placement
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 Gives your company the
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 Saves clients' money by
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 traditional media
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Best Search Engines

Search Engine 
Best Search Engines Description

 The Best Search Engines

 Below are search engine rankings 11-20.

 Netscape (11)

 Owned by AOL Time Warner, Netscape
 Search uses Google for its main listings.
 The main difference between Netscape
 Search and Google is that Netscape will list
 some of Netscape's own content at the top
 of its results. Netscape Search also has a
 completely different look and feel than

 Teoma (12)

 Teoma, which first appeared in 2000, is a
 crawler-based search engine owned by
 Ask Jeeves. It has a smaller index of the
 Web than its rival crawler-competitors:
 Google, AllTheWeb, Inktomi, and AltaVista.

 Teoma has won acclaim for its relevancy
 and helpful suggestions such as a "Refine"
 feature which offers additional topics to
 explore after a search. The "Resources"
 section of results is also unique since it
 points users to other links that are relevant
 to the searched topic. Teoma was
 purchased by Ask Jeeves in September
 2001 and continues to provide search
 results to that web site.

 Looksmart (13)

 LookSmart, which independently started up
 in October 1996, is a human-compiled
 directory of web sites. LookSmart gathers
 its listings in 2 ways: Companies join their
 paid inclusion program which is similar to
 an electronic "Yellow Pages", or volunteer
 editors at the LookSmart-owned Zeal
 directory catalog sites into non-commercial
 categories for free. Looksmart recently
 joined the pay per click market and is
 currently the 5th largest PPC engine on
 the World Wide Web.

 FindWhat (14)

 FindWhat is a leading developer and
 provider of paid placement marketing
 and commerce enabling services for online
 businesses. FindWhat is currently the 3rd
 largest PPC engine and can be a great
 PPC engine to use. FindWhat's specialty is
 2-fold: it syndicates its ad listings to a
 slew of 2nd and 3rd tier search engines and
 is less competitive, resulting in lower cost

 Enhance (15)

 Enhance Interactive (formerly Ah-ha) is
 currently the 4th largest PPC search engine.
 It was founded in 1999 as a family-friendly
 search engine and has now branched out
 to offer paid listings, paid inclusion, banners
 and other contextual ads. Based in Provo,
 Utah, Enhance is currently owned by
 Marchex, Inc. and serves ads to thousands
 of partner sites usually at a much lower
 CPC when compared to Overture and
 Google AdWords.

 DMOZ (The Open Directory) (16)

 Launched in June 1998, DMOZ is a human-
 edited directory. Also known as the Open
 Directory Project, it supplies all of its data,
 free of charge, to any search engine or
 directory that asks for the database.

 There is no charge to have your site listed
 in the Open Directory. Although a website is
 only allowed one listing under your category
 of choice, the service is valuable because
 the directory's database contributes heavily
 to (and outright powers) many of the major
 search engines on the Web. How your
 website performs in the Open Directory is
 dependent on the quality of your overall
 search engine optimization since the most
 popular sites are listed first.

 While you can search categories at the
 Open Directory site itself, the best way to
 scan the valuable information is to use the
 Google Directory. Here, keyword searches
 use Google's refined relevancy algorithms
 while propelling links from the human
 database to the top.

 Inktomi (17)

 Inktomi is the second-oldest web crawler
 among the major search engines. It briefly
 operated as an experimental search engine
 at UC Berkeley but became a company in
 1996. Inktomi was purchased by Yahoo in
 March 2003 and it stays competitive with
 rivals Google and in terms
 of comprehensiveness.

 Dogpile (18)

 A popular metasearch site owned by
 InfoSpace, DogPile collects information
 from various search engines, directories
 and specialty search sites, then displays
 results from each search engine
 individually. DogPile won the Best Meta
 Search Engine award from Search Engine
 Watch for 2003.

 Excite (19)

 Formerly a crawler-based search engine,
 Excite was acquired by InfoSpace in 2002
 and uses the same underlying technology
 as the other InfoSpace search engines
 but maintains its own portal features.

 Excite claims to be the most comprehensive
 search tool on the Net with over 50 million
 web sites indexed, plus web reviews of
 more than 60,000 of the highest rated
 sites. The Excite search engine uses
 artificial intelligence technology to establish
 relationships among the terms its web
 crawler finds on indexed pages. Then it
 establishes a relative relevance for
 closeness of fit to the query.

 Go (20)

 Originally called Infoseek, Go made its debut
 in 1994. It was recently purchased by The
 Walt Disney Company and renamed "The Go
 Network" at Go's indexes are
 generated by a web crawler, and is one of
 the Web's largest organized site directory.

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 the Christ-Centered Store and getting
 your company listed in these search
 engines, please view our company's
 Advertising Packages.

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