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Terms and Definitions M-P

File Folders
Internet Terms and Definitions

 Mail Bomb

 An e-mail message sent with the intent to
 crash the recipients mailserver or
 mailreader. Mail bombing is a form of
 electronic harrassment and can on many
 systems result in the cancellation of the
 bomber's account.

 Mail Filter

 A program that allows you to sort e-mail
 according to information in the header.

 Mailing List

 One e-mail address made up of several
 different e-mail addresses; they are similar
 to newsgroups. Mailing lists allow people to
 discuss common interests by posting
 messages which are received by everyone
 in the group. Unlike newsgroups, people
 must subscribe to a mailing list to post and
 receive messages. Also called a listserv.


 A region on a page that displays a
 horizontally scrolling text message.


 Chips holding all the information your PC
 needs to use. There are two kinds of
 memory, RAM (Random Access Memory)
 and ROM (Read Only Media).


 A list presented to you, the user, with
 options letting you perform specific tasks.


 In Windows, the bar across the top which
 contains headings, each with a pull-down

 Menu Driven

 Programs where you use a menu to
 complete tasks.

 Merchant Account

 A "bank account" established with a
 payment processor for the settlement of
 credit card transactions. Any merchant
 who wants to take credit card orders must
 establish a merchant account. Internet
 merchants need a "Card Not Present
 Merchant Account."

 Meta Description Tag

 Allows page authors to say how they would
 like their pages described when listed by
 search engines. Not all search engines use
 the tag.

 Meta Keywords Tag

 Allows page authors to add text to a page
 to help with the search engine ranking
 process. Not all search engines use the tag.

 Meta Robots Tag

 Allows page authors to keep their
 web pages from being indexed by search
 engines, especially helpful for those who
 cannot create robots.txt files.

 Meta Search Engine

 A search engine that gets listings from two
 or more other search engines, rather than
 through its own efforts.

 Meta Tags

 Information placed in a web page not
 intended for users to see but instead which
 typically passes information to search
 engine crawlers, browser software and
 some other applications.


 A device that allows a computer to connect
 and communicate over telephone lines with
 another computer which is also connected
 to a modem. This is how most people
 connect to the internet. The modem
 converts computer machine language so it
 can be transmitted over ordinary telephone
 lines or vice versa.


 Refers to a device which allows the
 computer operator to move a cursor on the,
 computer screen to a specific location on
 the screen, and by pushing a button (called
 "click") the computer will perform the
 desired function. For example, if one wants
 to print a document, the operator would
 simply move the cursor to the print icon to
 begin the printing process.


 A term used to describe internet etiquette;
 basically an attempt by serious fans to set
 rules for online conversations.


 A group of computers linked together by a
 common communications protocol


 One of the more than thousands of
 discussion groups on the internet where
 people with similar interests can post
 messages. Also called Usenet groups.

 Off-Line Order Processing

 Capture of order and credit card information
 for later authorization and transaction
 processing through a traditional card swipe
 terminal or through a computer.

 On Line

 Technically, on line describes one's
 computer being connected to other
 computers. Regarding the internet, on line
 means one is connected to the internet.

 On Line Service

 Services such as America Online,
 Compuserve, the Microsoft Network, and
 Prodigy that provide their members specific
 services. Originally these on line services
 provided E-Mail, discussion groups, and
 proprietary information. Many confuse
 these services as the internet.

 Order Confirmation

 An e-mail message notifying a customer
 that an order has been received and will be

 Order Management System

 A system that accepts orders and initiates
 a process that results in the outbound
 shipment of a finished good.

 Organic Listings

 Listings that search engines do not sell
 (unlike paid listings). Instead, sites appear
 solely because a search engine has deemed
 it editorially important for them to be
 included, regardless of payment.
 Sometimes paid inclusion content is also
 considered "organic" even though it is paid
 for. This is because that content usually
 appears intermixed with unpaid organic
 results. Also called algorithmic results.

 Outbound Links

 Links on a particular web page leading to
 other web pages, whether they are within
 the same web site or other web sites.

 Paid Inclusion

 Advertising program where pages are
 guaranteed to be included in a search
 engine's index in exchange for payment,
 though no guarantee of ranking well is
 typically given. For example, Looksmart is a
 directory that lists pages and sites, not
 based on position but based on relevance.
 Marketers must pay to be included in the
 directory. Payment is based on CPC (Cost
 Per Click) or per-URL listed with absolutely
 no guarantee of specific placement.

 Paid Listings

 Listings that search engines sell to
 advertisers, usually through paid placement
 or paid inclusion programs. In contrast,
 organic listings are not sold.

 Paid Placement

 Advertising program where listings are
 guaranteed to appear in response to
 particular search terms, with higher ranking
 typically obtained by paying more than
 other advertisers. Paid placement listings
 can be purchased from a portal or a search
 network. Search networks are often set up
 in an auction environment where keywords
 and phrases are associated with a cost-
 per-click (CPC) fee. Overture and Google
 are the largest networks, but MSN and
 other portals sometimes sell paid placement
 listings directly as well. Portal sponsorships
 are also a type of paid placement.


 Stands for "Personal Area Network." A short-range wireless connection among personal devices such as PCs, cell phones, and PDAs. A common PAN standard is Bluetooth.

 Pay for Performance

 Term popularized by some search engines
 as a synonym for pay-per-click, stressing
 to advertisers that they are only paying for
 ads that "perform" in terms of delivering
 traffic, as opposed to CPM-based ads
 where ads cost money even if they don't
 generate a click.

 Pay Per Click

 See cost per click.


 See rank.


 Stands for pay-per-click and means the
 same as cost per click.


 A set of technical rules and standards for
 computer communication. Without
 protocols, computer networks could not
 exist since computers would not
 communicate with each other in an
 intelligible manner.


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