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Terms and Definitions D-G

File Folders
Internet Terms and Definitions


 Data Base Management System.

 Delayed Settlement Processing

 Once a transaction has been authorized,
 the merchant must ship the hard goods
 before a transaction can be settled.
 Delayed settlements are stored online until
 the merchant selects the transactions for


 When pages are removed from a search
 engines index. This may happen because
 they have been banned or for other
 reasons, such as an accidental glitch on
 the search engine's part.


 A temporary connection between machines
 established over a standard phone line,
 usually by means of modems.


 A message that contains multiple individual
 postings to a mailing list or newsgroup.
 Example: LinkExchange Daily Digest.

 Digital Certificate

 A Digital Certificate issued by a Certificate
 Authority certifies that a merchant and a
 particular website are connected, just as a
 photo on your driver's licence connects
 your identity with your personal details. A
 digital certificate verifies to the shopper
 that the virtual store is actually associated
 with a physical address and phone number
 which can increase the shoppers confidence
 in the authenticity of the merchant.


 A type of search engine where listings are
 gathered through human efforts, rather
 than by automated crawling of the web.
 In directories, web sites are often reviewed,
 summarized in about 25 words, and placed
 in a particular category.

 Distribution Channel

 The method through which a product is sold
 including retailers, catalogers, internet
 commerce websites, etc.


 (Dynamic Link Library): A set of shared
 functions and procedures used by
 applications that can be loaded or unloaded
 at any time by the applications.


 (Domain Name Server): A program running
 on a server which automatically translates
 domain names into their correct TCP/IP

 Domain Name

 The unique name of an internet website or
 internet address. It is the English language
 standard for a computer system's TCP/IP
 numeric address such as
 Domain names always have 2 or more
 parts, separated by dots such as Currently there are
 6 types of domain names used in the U.S.:
 .com is used for businesses, .edu for
 educational institutions, .gov for
 government agencies, .org for
 organizations, .mil for military, and .net for

 Doorway Page

 A web page created expressly in hopes of
 ranking well for a term in a search engine's
 non-paid listings and which itself does not
 deliver much information to those viewing it.
 Instead, visitors will often see only some
 enticement on the doorway page leading
 them to other pages (i.e., "Click Here To
 Enter), or they may be automatically
 propelled quickly past the doorway page.
 With cloaking, they may never see the
 doorway page at all. Several search engines
 have guidelines against doorway pages,
 though they are more commonly allowed in
 through paid inclusion programs. Also
 referred to as bridge pages, gateway pages,
 and jump pages, among other names.


 The Disk Operating System that preceded
 Windows but that has receded in
 importance with each new version of


 The transfer of information or data such as
 a file or program from the a host or source
 computer to your computer which is the
 browsing the internet.

 Drop Ship

 The shipping of a product directly from the
 manufacturer to the customer without
 requiring inventory carrying by the retailer.


 Digital Simultaneous Voice and Data.


 Electronic Data Interchange): It allows
 companies to place orders, bid on projects,
 and make payments over the internet or
 private networks.

 Electronic Commerce

 Also known as e-commerce; this term
 refers to sales or other business
 transactions over the internet or private

 Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

 A foundation that addresses social and legal
 issues arising from the impact of computers
 on society.

 Electronic Software Distribution

 Software that can be purchased
 and downloaded directly from the internet.


 Short term for electronic mail; it refers to a
 message sent from one person to one or
 more other persons over the internet or a
 private network. On the Internet the e-mail
 protocol most commonly used is called
 SMTP (standard mail transfer protocol).

 E-mail Address

 An electronic location for sending and
 receiving e-mail. An e-mail address is made
 up of several parts. The first part of the
 address, the username, identifies a unique
 user on a server. The @ symbol separates
 the username from the host name. The host
 name uniquely identifies the server
 computer and is the last part of the Internet
 email address. The three-letter suffix in the
 host name identifies the kind of
 organization operating the server. The most
 common suffixes are: .com (commercial),
 .edu (educational), .gov (government),
 .mil (military), .net (networking), and .org
 (non-commercial). Two letter suffixes
 generally identify a geographical area: .uk
 (United Kingdom), .de (Germany), .ca
 (Canada), etc. See international domain

 ELM (Electronic Mailer)

 A UNIX email program based on a server
 equivalent to Netscape mail, user agent
 which sends out e-mail, and stores
 messages for users to read, or send directly
 from the server.


 The basis of network security. Encryption
 encodes network packets to prevent
 anyone except the intended recipient from
 accessing the data.


 The most common method of networking
 computers in a LAN (local area network).
 The Ethernet processes about 10,000,000
 bits-per-second and is used with almost
 any kind of computer.


 (Frequently Asked Questions): FAQ's are
 lists that answer the most common
 questions on a particular topic. There are
 thousands of FAQ's on the web covering a
 multitude of subjects. FAQ's are often
 grouped together, along with their answers,
 and posted to help newcomers become
 informed about a specific subject such as
 a newsgroup or a web site. They are usually
 written by people who are tired of
 answering the same questions over and


 A combination of hardware and software
 that separates LAN (local area network)
 into two or more parts for security


 Originally, flame meant to carry on a fierce
 and honorable debate. Flames often
 involved the use of flowery language and
 flaming was an art form. More recently,
 flame has come to refer to any kind of
 vicious, derogatory, or mean-spirited
 comment used in email or in public forums
 such as newsgroups and discusssion lists.
 There is little danger of getting any on the

 Flame War

 Occurs when an online discussion
 degenerates into a series of personal
 attacks against the debators, rather than
 discussion of their positions.


 Online electronic forms that you can
 complete on the Web, if you have a forms-
 capable web browser such as Netscape
 Navigator or Internet Explorer.


 A network system made up of community-
 based bulletin board systems with email,
 information services, interactive
 communications, and conferencing. They
 are usually funded and operated by
 individuals or organizations who wish to
 make computer networking services freely
 available as public libraries.


 Software that you can distribute freely and
 use for free, but for which the author often
 retains the copyright, which means that it
 can't be modified.


 (File Transfer Protocol): A system for
 moving or copying files from a remote
 computer (called an FTP site) to their own
 computer over the internet. FTP is a
 method of logging into another internet site
 for the purposes of retrieving and/or
 sending files. Many internet sites have
 publicly accessible databanks of
 downloadable material that can be obtained
 by using FTP. These sites are often referred
 to as Anonymous FTP sites because anyone
 can log in using the UserID "anonymous"
 and their email address as a password.


 Used to connect networks that use
 different protocols (not to be confused
 with a CGI gateway). For instance, one
 network uses some specific protocol but is
 connected to the internet which uses IP.
 The gateway converts incoming IP traffic
 into the network's own protocol and vice

 Gateway Page

 See doorway page.

 Gateway Program

 A compiled script or executable file written
 for use with a web server's gateway
 interface. Also known as CGI program.


 The act of searching for someone's name
 on the Google Search Engine in order to
 find out more information on that person.


 Older Internet software that breaks up the
 subjects on the Net into items and displays
 all the items on the Net as menus or
 directories. Like Archie and other early
 internet tools, WWW browsers have
 replaced the function of gopher.


 A picture or non-text item within a web

 Graphical Search Inventory

 Banners, and other types of advertising
 units which can be synchronized to search
 keywords. Includes pop-ups, browser
 toolbars, and rich media.


 This term refers to software applications
 that facilitate shared work on documents
 and information.


 (Graphical User Interface): Software such
 as web browsers that displays the internet
 in graphical form.


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