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Terms and Definitions Q-S

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Internet Terms and Definitions


 See search terms.


 This is a digital video standard developed
 for Apple Macintosh computers. Special
 viewing applications are needed to run
 QuickTime movies.


 How well a particular web page or web site
 is listed in a search engine results. For
 example, a web page about apples may be
 listed in response to a query for "apples."
 However, "rank" indicates where exactly it
 was listed — be it on the first page of
 results, the second page or perhaps the
 200th page. Alternatively, it might also be
 said to be ranked first among all results,
 or 12th, or 111th. Overall, saying a page is
 "listed" only means that it can be found
 within a search engine in response to a
 query, not that it necessarily ranks well for
 that query. Also called position.

 Real Time Credit Card Processing

 On-line authorization of a credit card
 number in real time informing the merchant
 that the card has been approved. Currently
 CyberCash is the leading electronic
 payment system for processing transactions

 Reciprocal Link

 A link exchange between two sites.


 Sites that send visitors to your site through
 a link/banner ad. "None" is also a referrer,
 showing visitors who come directly to your
 site through a non web site link such as
 typing your address or clicking in an email,
 or who have their browsers set to not
 transfer referrer data. Your own web site
 also shows up as a referrer. See Proxy


 See submission.

 Results Page

 After a user enters a search query, the
 page that is displayed, is call the results
 page. Sometimes it may be called SERPS,
 for "search engine results page."


 See crawler.


 A file used to keep web pages from being
 indexed by search engines.


 Stands for "Return on Investment" and
 refers to the percentage of profit or
 revenue generated from a specific activity.
 For example, one might measure the ROI of
 a paid listing campaign by adding up the
 total amount of money spent on the
 campaign (say $100) versus the amount of
 money generated from it in revenue (say
 $500). The ROI would then be 500 percent.


 A freestanding communications device designed to
 transmit signals via the most efficient route
 possible. Connects two or more IP networks
 together, particularly two networks of
 different speeds.


 Generally refers to the transferring of a
 slide, photograph, or other illustration from
 analog into digital form. For example,
 converting a photo into a scanned bitmap.
 Aliasing can be a result of sampling. In the
 example of scanning a photo to create a
 bitmap, the result might be jagged edges.
 This is fixed by anti-aliasing.


 In the context of CGI programming, a file of
 commands executed in real-time from an
 operating system.

 Search Engine

 Any service generally designed to allow
 users to search the web or a specialized
 database of information. Web search
 engines generally have paid listings
 and organic listings. Organic listings
 typically come from crawling the Web,
 though often human-powered directory
 listings are also optionally offered.

 Search Engine Marketing

 The act of marketing a web site via search
 engines, whether this be improving rank in
 organic listings, purchasing paid listings or
 a combination of these and other search
 engine-related activities.

 Search Engine Optimization

 The act of altering a web site so that it
 does well in the organic, crawler-based
 listings of search engines. In the past, it
 has also been used as a term for any type
 of search engine marketing activity, though
 now the term search engine marketing itself
 has taken over for this. Also called SEO.

 Search Engine Placement

 The practice of trying to ensure that a
 web site obtains a high rank in the search
 engines. Also called search engine
 positioning, search engine optimization, etc.

 Search Engines

 World Wide Web sites that allow users to
 search for specific web sites by typing key
 words or phrases. Popular search sites
 include Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, Excite,
 Lycos, WebCrawler, HotBot, and more.
 Some of these search sites are simply web
 directories. Web directories only include in
 their search those sites which have been
 listed in their directory. Others are called
 search engines, which include those web
 sites which someone registers with the
 search site and other web sites which the
 search engine finds on the web as a part
 of its own robot searching software.

 Search Terms

 The words (or word) a searcher enters into
 a search engine's search box. Also used to
 refer to the terms a search engine marketer
 hopes a particular page will be found for.
 Also called keywords, query terms, or

 Secured Server

 A server using software that protects the
 privacy of electronic transactions
 conducted on the internet. Currently,
 VeriSign is the leader in secure server
 certificate technology.


 Acronymn for search engine marketing
 and may also be used to refer to a person
 person or company that does search engine
 marketing (i.e.., "They're an SEM firm).


 Search Engine Marketing Professional
 Organization, a non-profit, formed to
 increase the awareness of and educate
 people on the value of search engine


 Acronym for search engine optimization
 and often used to refer to a person or
 company that does search engine
 optimization (i.e., "They do SEO").


 Acronym for search engine positioning.


 See results page.


 A computer on the internet so called
 because it serves up files and information
 to internet users (also called clients). Most
 people dial into by modem or over a
 network to connect to a server which
 provides access to the internet. The Christ-
 Centered Store is located on a server and is
 available to everyone on the web 24 hours
 a day, 7 days a week.


 In the case of the HTML tag, IMAGE, a set
 image has its height, width, and alternate
 text defined. It's recommended that you
 always set your images when creating
 HTML documents.


 Once the goods have been shipped to the
 customer, the merchant can key a
 transaction for settlement at which time
 the customer's credit card is charged for
 the transaction and the proceeds are
 deposited into the merchant account.


 Secure Socket Layer is an encryption
 technology on the server that scrambles
 important data such as credit card numbers
 and order information when it is being
 stored or passed from one computer to

 Shipping Confirmation

 An email message that notifies a customer
 that an order has been shipped.

 Shopping Cart

 A software program which maintains
 information about the customer during a
 shopping trip to produce a seamless
 shopping experience. Creates an "on-line
 shopping cart" that adds items, tracks sales
 tax, and calculates shipping charges.
 Mercantec is one of the leading software
 companies providing shopping cart

 Shopping Search

 Shopping search engines allow shoppers to
 look for products and prices in a search
 environment. Premium placement can be
 purchased on some shopping search indices.


 Any search engine marketing method that
 a search engine deems to be detrimental to
 its efforts to deliver relevant, quality
 search results. Some search engines have
 written guidelines about what they consider
 to be spamming, but ultimately any activity
 a particular search engine deems harmful
 may be considered spam, whether or not
 there are published guidelines against it.

 Examples of spam would be the creation of
 nonsensical doorway pages designed to
 please search engine algorithms rather than
 human visitors or heavy repetition of search
 terms on a page (i.e. the search terms are
 used tens or hundreds or times in a row).

 Determining what is spam is complicated by
 the fact that different search engines have
 different standards. A particular search
 engine may even have different standards
 of what's allowed, depending on whether
 content is gathered through organic
 methods versus paid inclusion. This term
 is also referred to as spamdexing.


 See crawler.


 The act to submitting a URL for inclusion
 into a search engine's index. Unless done
 through paid inclusion, submission
 generally does not guarantee listing. In
 addition, submission does not help
 with rank improvement on crawler-based
 search engines unless search engine
 optimization efforts have been taken.
 Submission can be done manually (i.e., you
 fill out an online form and submit) or
 automated, where a software program or
 online service may process the forms
 behind the scenes. Also known as


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