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Terms and Definitions T-Z

File Folders
Internet Terms and Definitions


 A fast, reliable, digital connection to the
 Internet, running about 50 times faster
 than a typical 28.8 modem. This type of
 ISDN line transmits data at 1.5 Mbits/sec.
 Other ISDN lines are T2 (6 Mbits/sec) and
 T3 (45 Mbits/sec).


 Used in HTML to mark a documents'
 structure. Their format is a sequence of
 characters starting with a "<" and ending
 with a ">".


 (Transmission Control Protocol): Working
 hand in hand with IP (hence they are often
 seen together as TCP/IP), TCP ensures
 data is transferred reliably over the
 Internet. It keeps track of packets of data
 sent over the Internet and reassembles
 them into the right order. If any packets
 don't arrive, it requests fresh copies from
 the source.


 If you're reading a certain newsgroup or
 message board, you'll see many different
 subtopics. These are called threads. All
 responses to the initial post will be linked
 by this "thread".


 Acronym for tagged image file format, one
 of the most widely supported file formats
 for storing bit-mapped images on personal
 computers (both PCs and Macintosh
 computers). TIFF graphics can be any
 resolution, and they can be black and
 white, gray-scaled, or color. Files in TIFF
 format often end with a .tif extension.


 A system that allows a computer to control
 at least a portion of a remote computer. It
 is commonly used to provide off-site access
 to such services as automated library


 (Terms of Service): An official policy formed
 by a web site to disallow any content or
 behavior performed by users that is
 unbecoming to the web site. Consequences
 usually include termination of membership.


 A computer operating system with powerful
 networking features. Much of the internet
 has been built on a foundation of UNIX


 Uniform Resource Locator which describes
 the "address" for a document on the
 internet along with the protocol by which
 the site or resource is accessed. The most
 common protocol on the web is the HTTP
 protocol. It is important to enter the
 address correctly, for an extra space, a
 capital letter, a missing or additional period
 or slash will cause the address to most
 likely not work.


 The portion of the internet where thousands
 of newsgroups are found. Topics range from
 hobbies to religion and virtually everything


 Stands for "Wide Area Network." A computer network serving a large geographic area, often through telephone lines or satellite links.


 A "watermark" is a graphic that appears at
 the back of the page but doesn't scroll
 along with the rest of the page.


 (Web Area Information Servers). A system
 for searching through the contents of
 indexed documents on the internet.


 Wireless Fidelity technology, also known as 802.11b IEEE wireless technology, uses the same networking standards as Ethernet (wired networks), with comparable look and feel, for most everyday tasks.

 Wireless Base Station

 A 802.11b wireless access point with a built-in Internet router. With a connection to a cable or DSL modem, the base station can give both wired and wireless computers simultaneous access to the Internet.

 Wireless Card

 An internal or external card for your notebook that allows it to connect wirelessly to a wireless-enabled network in the office, coffee shops, bookstores, airports, or your home.


 Stands for "Wireless Local Area Network." A series of interconnected PCs that communicate over the airwaves as if they were connected with wires.


 (Pronounced "whizzy-wig"). This term
 usually refers to website building software
 that enables you to see images onscreen
 exactly as they will appear on your

 World Wide Web (WWW)

 A collection of interconnected internet sites
 that can be traversed through hypertext
 links. In a graphical user interface
 environment, these links are screen areas
 that lead to other web sites when a mouse
 is positioned on a link, and clicked. Web
 sites can include text, graphics, input fields,
 audio, video, and access to a wide range of
 internet features.


 (EXtensible HyperText Markup Language):
 Reformulation of HTML 4.01 in XML 1.0.
 XHTML is the bridge between HTML and  XML.


 (EXtensible Markup Language): Format for
 structured documents, and other languages
 and standards can be created with XML.

 XML Feeds

 A form of paid inclusion where a search
 engine is "fed" information about pages via
 XML, rather than gathering that information
 through crawling actual pages. Marketers
 can pay to have their pages included in a
 spider based search index either annually
 per URL or on a CPC basis based on an
 XML document representing each page on
 the client site. New media types are being
 introduced into paid inclusion, including
 graphics, video, audio, and rich media.


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